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11:29 am: No, really. That's what we do.

Explaining Thanksgiving to an exchange student is always fun.

Do we have any plans for Thanksgiving?
 [Obviously assuming a four-day holiday from school must mean major plans.]

Well, I’ll be spending all day cooking.

All day?

Pretty much.

[Explain the whole origination of Thanksgiving, e.g., Pilgrims and Indians celebrating the first harvest, etc.  Tell her that given our lack of nearby family members and our general heathen outlook on life, eating is pretty much what we do on Thanksgiving.]


What do you do on Thanksgiving? [Asking again, because clearly she heard me wrong.]

Well, we pretty much make enough food to feed a third world country and then we eat.

What did you do last year?

We ate.

That pretty much covers it.  Oh sure, we’ll go around the table and say what we are thankful for and probably play some board games and watch movies.  But mainly, I’ll be throwing away enough leftovers from the ’fridge to feed one small country tonight [because no one but me seems to ever see those leftovers and therefore, they don’t exist].  Then tomorrow I’ll cook enough food to feed another small country and fill up the now roomy ’fridge with more leftovers.

And that’s Thanksgiving at our house.


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Date:November 22nd, 2007 08:26 am (UTC)

No, you make them eat the leftovers! That's what wooden spoons are for!

Them: "What's for supper?"
You: "Leftovers."
Them: "But I want —"
You: "Leftovers."
Them: "But I want —"
You: "What am I not eating by myself?
Them: "Leftovers?"
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